How can you try so hard to be positive when everything and everyone around you is so negative?

I can say with complete confidence that on a typical day, you will find Happy Kristina. That being said, it takes a lot to get me to see a pessimistic’s state of mind. Not to be said that I don’t think about worst case scenario because, trust me, I think about that much more than I would like. But ultimately, I always have high hopes that everything will work out for the better.

I can imagine that you would think me to be a bubbly, quirky person, and many people who know me would probably agree. Me? I feel like a smile is the best way to greet someone. I genuinely like talking to people.

As I grew older, I began to realize that my peers around me didn’t seem to like how optimistic I was. Many people called me idealistic, and they called my bubbly personality fake. Suddenly, people were asking me why I was always laughing. And slowly, I wasn’t the same smiling girl I used to.

Man, people can really screw you over.

I wish I hadn’t allowed people to take a toll in my life.


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