Nice Guys Finish Last

Dear Nice Guy,

Let me tell you something: you’re too busy being nice to all the other goddamn girls that the one girl you may like would not even be able to tell if you like her or not!!

*hint hint*

Okay, nice guy, let me try to explain this to you: I can get the nicest compliment from you, and three minutes later I could eaily feel like crap. Now don’t read me the wrong way, I’m not caught up in my feelings for you (ha, that sounded convincing, right?), I am just feeling rather insulted. You ask me all these questions and make me feel like you might actually be interested in me, and then bam! Another girl starts talking about how special you made her feel.

woman  frustrated 2

So, nice guy, do you see my point? I know it’s not your fault that you genuinely care about people, but damn. Do you always have to make me feel so inferior to these other girls? At least give me a sign if you have any idea how I feel.

It’s my fault anyway. I let my feelings get the best of me. Of all the guys I had to like, it just had to be the sweetest, most genuine of them all, huh?

And for the record, nice guys never finish last in my book.


(End Note: I’m such a freaking sap hopeless romantic i wanna barf)

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