2 Broke Girls (Except, in this case, it’s 1 and that 1? It’s me.)

*yells to the vast nothingness* IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?

Wow, I almost forgot that this blog even exists. Even more, I forgot how therapeutic writing is. I have to say that in this day and age blogging should have never been replaced with vlogging (don’t worry, I know there are still plenty bloggers out there). There’s nothing quite like writing every single thought that comes to mind. *cue evil laugh.*

Okay enough random laughing at nothing and no one.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of it.

If you’ve followed my blog posts (hey, I don’t blame you if you have no idea what I’m referring to), you would know that I was a college student. That’s right, PAST TENSE! You’re looking at a member of the class of 2018 right here!

Now after all that excitement dissipated–along with the mounds and mounds of graduation cake I was consuming the following 2 weeks–I was crunching numbers. You know as well that I do of the financial horrors that exist to walk across that stage to receive that one piece of paper. And man, that number never gets easier to look at.

I just came back from a backpacking trip in Asia (more on that later!), and my wallet has never felt so light.

Thankfully, I secured a job before I graduated, but I don’t start until a few more months. Now I’m left to figure out how to get from here to there.

If you’re a recent college grad as well, I just want to say that I 100% feel your pain. I was never good with money so these next few years are really going to test my willpower with these student loans payments and credit card payments.

While I’m on the never-ending job hunt for a temporary job, I have also found a cool video on a new budgeting system I’m trying out. It’s inspired by Dave Ramsey, and if anyone is interested, I can write a blog post about that cash envelope system as well as the budgeting system I’ll be using from here on out.

Until later,

Broke College Grad

Oh, To Be a College Student

this is entirely relevant

this is entirely relevant

So here I am sitting in my campus library trying to motivate myself to study for my exam that I will take in literally four hours. Motivation has really turned into procrastination as I truly just type to make it seem like I am actually doing something among the sea of students.

With my eyes trained on my computer screen, my fingers flying across the keyboad a mile a minute, and my workspace covered in piles of paperwork, I am almost like any other stressed college student, ripping my hair out as I seemingly try to meet a deadline. Truth be told, I’m just exhausted so let me watch my puppy videos in peace pls.

In reality, what they don’t know is that I am secretly peeing my pants about my exam, but I am also laughing because there are so many other things I could be learning (heh, I doubt it) right this minute.

Lesson learned, kiddies: don’t take summer classes unless you like to torture yourself as you scroll down your instagram feed and “like” pictures of all your other friends splashing at the beach and going on adventures around the world.