Careful There

If I’m not busy, I feel as if I’m not doing enough. 

Seriously, the girl in the picture above is how I feel sometimes. I know that this is entirely my own fault because I often “bite more than I can chew.” But I can’t help that I love to be involved. On campus, the student orgs that catch my attention the most are the ones that fight for a cause that reasonate deep in my heart. So what did my eager freshman self do? I joined many clubs to become well versed in the language of leadership and organization.

It seems that I would be on the right track, and even to myself, this just seemed to make the most sense. Especially when I decided to take a position on E-Board, I noticed that I wanted the experience and the knowledge of this club. And suddenly, I was taking leadership positions in other clubs and joining other committees and working and going to school at the same time and then I realized YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL. 

No matter how much you care, your efforts will not be enough truly give your all to every single club/activity you do.

My number one rule while attending college is: I am a student first and foremost. I have to remember why I’m here in the first place. Yes, being involved on campus can be awesome especially when you make friends who share the same interests as you, but college is fricking expensive… so school and studies HAVE to be #1.

It just really sucks that I don’t have the time to be involved in everything I want to.

Oh, and friendly reminder: at 19 years old, if your life is in shambles like mine and you have no idea if your major is something you really want to do, take a deep breath and truly think about what you want out of life.

No matter what, remember that no establishment or person can define who you are.

Be free 🙂